List of Racist and Other Hateful Things

Updated 7/14/2020

It’s not just police and people who say ‘All Lives Matter’ that BLM considers racist.

For your edification and viewing pleasure, we provide here a list of what things recent BLM and their related spokespeople, their propaganda media sources, and Democrat politicians have labeled as de facto racist.

We will continue to update as the absurdity continues.

— — — — — — — — — —



chess game, as white moves first

Mount Rushmore National Monument

All National Monuments

Sky scrapers due to their phallic shape

Abolitionist Fredrick Douglas

Words: ‘whitelist’, ‘blacklist,’ ‘he,’ ‘his,’ ‘him’ ‘man-hours’
‘Masters’ as in Masters Golf and masters bed room in a floor plan.
neckline cutting tradition (Kim Foxx)
NFL, so long as Kaepernick is unemployed
Logo with saber handle grips that look like slave walls (U VA)

Not patronizing Chinese restaurants during the communist Chinese bioweapon pandemic

Hamilton mustical


‘Cracker’ as in Cracker Barrel restaurant

Christopher Columbus and city Columbus

Texas Rangers name
‘Ante Bellum’

McCowns-Longspur bird name

Opposing mail in voting
Long voting lines (L. James)
Not having Stacey Abrams as VP for Joe Biden
Naming an airport for Hollywood icon John Wayne
Emancipation Memorial in Boston
Gandhi statue on U. Madison WI campus
Unwoke Marvel characters
The word ‘chief’ in job titles (Duluth, Minnesota)

Ford police car manufacture
Abraham Lincoln
Pres. Donald Trump and his supporters.
Blackface, except those of Hollywood stars and Democratic pols
Woodrow Wilson

Math: 2+2=4 because of western imperialism

Wasp Mascot (an insect) due to name has an acronym of WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant)

George Washington

Washington Redskins

OK hand gesture in video game

Any monument dedicated to heroism and sacrifice in the Civil War
The US Constitution
Rural, white Americans
Pledge of Allegiance
Hallmark Channel
SAT and ACT testing
good grammar and grading school work
‘Heartland’ (Buttigieg)
Art class (Yale, too white)
White Americans. Every.Single.One.
Chinese or Wuhan virus kung flu
‘Dixie’ in Dixie chicks
Plantation weddings
Complaining of diversity(S. King, Oscars)
Communist Chinese virus masks worn by Black Americans (Oregon)
Exercise ropes in tree limbs (Oakland)
Eskimo Pies

Science itself (Shutdown STEM)

Los Angeles as a city (BLM co-founder)

Elk statue

National parks

Wearing an OAN t-shirt

Cleveland Indians team name
Hiking (Sierra Club)
‘Gone With the Wind’ song and film
SRO (school police) LA CA
June 19th date chosen by Pres. Trump for rally

Independence Day (Kaepernick)
STEM courses, as science is weaponized racism. James Lindsay
Diverse Editions (literary blackface, Barnes and Noble
US military

Trump Supporters

western civilization
USA, from top to bottom (Sanders)



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MG ‘Doc’ Woodworth

MG ‘Doc’ Woodworth

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